Saturday, 3 October 2009

A Few Explanations

BA1, operating what is known as Club World London City Service, began on Tuesday 29th September 2009. Linking the docklands aiport just minutes from Canary Wharf, BA1 will be a twice-daily departure from October 2009, operating with an Airbus A318 aircraft outfitted with just 32 fully-flat beds on board.

Check-in can be up to just 15 minutes before take-off.
Three specially-trained crew will look after the cabin, delivering a service which has been pitched between the airline's business class - Club World - and their First Class.

The outbound service to New York operates via Shannon on the West coast of Ireland. During the short stop, passengers disembark and proceed through US Immigration and Customs. This process allows the aircraft to arrive at JFK as if it had flown in from Chicago or any other domestic US airport.

The benefit? No immigration, no customs, no queues. Passengers should be in their cabs and limos within minutes of arrival - a unique situation for a London-originating service.

Many of the posts that I made originally on FT were as a result of questions from readers on the ground. Some of those posts would have had to have been edited to make the narrative below make sense but, rather than doing that, I've included the question 'From The Ground' instead.

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